IF You Order the day before (or more):

– exactly what you want, how you want it, and when!

– order mini(50-75 cents each), 1/2 size(150-200 cents each), or gourmet minis(175-225 cents each) – instead of the regular full size. Please keep in mind that a minimum order may be necessary depending on requested flavours. (pricing for these sizes are listed under catering)

The BIG BUN VARIETY PACK: a special pre-order deal for a box of 12 assorted full sized buns for $24. This deal is only available for PRE-ORDERS and is a RANDOM assortment picked FOR you, by US!

To Order:

Call (204) 415-7287 and feel free to leave a message

Use the email box below or email breadbunker@gmail.com

OR! Order through SKIP THE DISHES!

Ordering Jonnies is a click away!

Ordering Jonnies is a click away!


We offer ALL our Flavours in FULL SIZE, HALF SIZE, or MINI(bite-size). We can also offer our excellent Jonnies Sticky Blend COFFEE!  Contact us for more details!!


We provide products are several café’s, restaurants, and grocery stores in the Winnipeg area. If you are interested in providing Jonnies for your customers please contact us! We can customize buns, sizes, dietary concerns, and even offer delivery to our wholesale clients.