Buns! (prices range from $2.50-$4 for most full size buns)

Straight Up Sticky

Caramel Sticky

Homestead Sticky*

Raisin Sticky*

Multigrain Sticky* 

Multigrain Raisin*

Gluten Friendly Sticky*: made w/ a blend quinoa and tapioca

Herb & Cheese

Monkey Brains: A little Bit Of Most Every Bun

Nutella Sticky

Caramel Rosemary

Spiced Apple*: w/ maple glaze

Poppy Seed Citrus*

Pina Colada*: pineapple & coconut

Into The Woods*: apple, blueberry, & sunflower seeds

Chocolate Blueberry w/cream cheese icing

Spiced Pumpkin w/ cream cheese icing

B.A.M! (bacon, apple, maple syrup)

Chocolate Raspberry  w/cream cheese icing

hot meat bunwich


CHORIZO BUNWICH! chorizo sausage, bothwell cheddar, curry ketchup, & fried egg

EGG & CHEESE BUNWICH! made with bothwell cheddar & a farm fresh egg

all bunwiches made on a toasted sesame bun or Gluten Free option